Index Cards (carriage returns)

Apologies in advance if this is just something I’m doing stupid, but…

I often like to make lists on the index cards synopsis, with a new entry on each line of the card. On the Mac version, this is easily done in the Inspector by hitting enter, which takes you down to the next line. Using Beta 2.0, though, I can’t find any way of entering anything except continuous text. Is it possible to put in hard carriage returns? Or is it a bug?

Also, will the final version have the ability to change the background colour in the Inspector and the Binder? (It looks so good in the editor!)

You can use carriage returns in an index card by going to Edit > Options > Navigation and unchecking returns ends editing synopsis in cork board and outliner box in return key behaviour options.

In most Mac applications, including Scrivener, where Return is used to other tasks you can break a line by typing Opt-Return.


Thanks Stacey! That’s exactly what I wanted! Somehow I’d been through all the options and never seen that one - a case of not seeing the wood for the trees, I think!