Index cards text colour

I’ve lost a vital ‘appearance’ preference setting with Scrivener, and I need some help setting it back to the way it should be!

I love the ingenious way you can see sections as index cards on a corkboard background, but somehow I’ve set the text colour of these index cards to a wishy-washy grey, which completely spoils the whole thing because I can hardly read what’s on them, even with a plain white index card background - there’s not enough contrast.

Could someone please point me to the preference setting where I can change the text colour to black, so I can properly use (see!) what’s on the cards? Thank you!

There is no way to affect index card text colour. It’s either white (if your index card background is dark) or black (if your index card background is light.)

Grey text shows up if you don’t have any text in your index card at all—if the card is empty, Scrivener displays the first few lines of the underlying document, and does so in grey so that you’ll know you haven’t written anything in the card ( which is also the synopsis shown in the Inspector for that document.)

Hope this helps!

Although you can’t change the colour, you can change the font and font size and even use a bold font variant if available, under Scrivener > Preferences > Appearance > Index Cards. Playing with that may help make the grey text easier to read.