Index Cards - Using Highlighters


Is there a way to use the highlighter on an index card? Or, even, changing the color of text? Right now, when I go to the index card, the formatting tool bar above greys out, and I’m unable to use it to mark up my index cards. Anyone help would be much appreciated, thanks!

Hi - I see that text formatting is disabled in an index card. My guess is this is to discourage authors from putting too much work into the index cards. However, here are 5 ways to show colour or graphics on your index cards. Maybe one can be repurposed to suit what you want.

  1. Icons. I use icons to indicate status, since I can easily see the icon in the binder. Triangle for warning, default page icon for ok - there are loads to choose from. The icon will show top left of your index card.

  2. Labels. I use label colours for viewpoint characters. Again I can easily see these in the Binder. The label colour is shown in the top right corner of the index card if View -> Corkboard Options -> Show Label Pins is on. A pastel version of the label colour is shown in the whole card if you turn on View -> Use Label Colour In -> Index Cards.

  3. Status Stamps. If you set the Status of the index card, you can show it overprinted on the card. View -> Corkboard Options -> Show Status Stamps. These are configured (colour, opacity, font) in Scrivener -> Preferences -> Corkboard

  4. Keywords. You can make a keyword, e.g. “highlight” and then use View -> Corkboard Options -> Show Keyword Colours to show the colour in the right edge of the index card. Double click on the keyword in the Inspector to get the Keyword Hud. Double click the colour in the Keyword Hud to change it.

  5. Images. In the top right of the Synopsis in the Inspector Pane, click the little up down arrows to choose the image icon instead of the text icon. Now drag an image into the black area. This is applied to the index card as well as the synopsis text, not instead of it, so you can toggle between them without losing anything.