Index Cards With Only Titles?

I’m working to restructure a script and find that using index cards is very messy when both title and text is displayed. Is there a way to show only the titles? This wasn’t possible a few years ago, according to an old post, but it sure would be helpful now. I could use the outline view as a workaround, but I’m a visual person and much prefer index cards. Thanks!

In a pinch, you could set the type color of the synopsis to the same color as the card background to hide the synopsis text.

That sounds brilliant! And I couldn’t do it!

Preferences…Index Cards…Fonts… could change color but it wouldn’t take effect.
Preferences…Index Cards…Color… could change the background to black, but then the text automatically switches to white.

Or is there another way? Or some other hack?


I don’t think there is a way to do this anymore, but do take a look at the provided Window->Layouts->Centered Outline setup. Disable the synopses, and you may find it’s more of a “visual” aesthetic than you’d expect from an outline.

Yeah, I don’t think there’s a way either. I tried replacing the synopsis with a blnk white JPG, but you have to do that one card at a time, and it changes the dimensions of the card.

Maybe you should submit this as a feature request.