Index cards?

I’m a bit confused… I know that there are two main document types - files and folders - and that I can convert one into the other. In my binder, however, I see a third type - judging from the icon, it looks like an index card. Since the project is mine, it’s probably me who put it there, but somehow I can’t remember anymore what it is. How can I make new ones, and more importantly, how can I convert these into files?

Background: The documents with the index card icon appear empty, although I know they had text. I’d like to get my texts back.

(Disclaimer: I am using Windows 3 beta, but until proven otherwise, I am assuming this isn’t a bug.)

Index card icons in the binder overlay either a page icon (or stack of pages icon), or a folder icon. This means that you have the synopsis field filled in, but not the actual document (the place where you write what will become part of your final work).

If you’re struggling with creating new documents, I suggest you visit the Help menu, and open the “Interactive Tutorial”, which is just a project that you can read through and experiment on, teaching you how to interact with Scrivener and what the terms are for each thing, including what the icons mean. You don’t have to do it all in one go–you can create the tutorial project, close it, and when you go back to the Help menu and choose it again, it will open the one you started, where you left off.

Thanks. Turns out that I didn’t lose my mind just yet and that my confusion is due to a severe bug in the beta. Will go report it now.

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It’s just different kind of icons. They are all “files” that can contain text. If you get an index card instead of a blank document icon it means that you have entered text into the synopsis but no text into the file itself (which would otherwise be seen in the editor).

See the manual, Section 7.1 Binder Icons, for a visual of what Lunk is referring to.