Index Cards

One feature that I would like is the ability to create index cards, and store random thoughts/quotes/information on them and be able to print them individually.

I am not sure if that feature is here or not already, (doubt it) but I guess it would occupy a middle ground between media files (other people’s content) and regular category entries. (writer’s own content)

I would envision these notes to be part of every project that is opened, and not tied to a specific project.

In Scrivener, each document (and media file) is attached to a virtual index card automatically. You can view these index cards either alongside their related document or in a “corkboard” view that allows you to create, manage and edit index cards on their own.

You can print individual index cards out if you so wish, or all of them together, but not as or on real index cards; instead, their text is printed out as any other text would be printed out. They are intended to be used as synopses or for “first thoughts” about documents when outlining or brainstorming which can then be fleshed out later…

Please bear in mind that I am talking about the upcoming version of Scrivener here; Scrivener Gold’s index card view (“storyboard view” is less sophisticated).