IndexCard 4.0 .ndxcrd greyed out by Scrivener

Dear Scrivener friends,
I can’t make Scrivener 2.0 “see” IndexCard 4.0 files in Dropbox. If I save the project on my iPad as Indexcard 3.0 (i.e. as .indexcard) files, Scrivener sees them and imports them. But if I save them as .ndxcrd files, they are greyed out in Scrivener (I mean: greyed out after I click on "Update Collection from Index Card File). Is this normal? It seems strange that the newest version shouldn’t be readable by Scrivener? In short, am I doing something wrong, or should I just accept that I must save to .indexcard and not .ndxcrd on the iPad?

Yes, that is normal, and there is nothing wrong with selecting format X instead of Y, when saving the sync file; you won’t be losing any capabilities by doing so. And yes it is also normal for programs to grey out files they cannot read for a particular purpose. If you try load a picture in Preview, it will grey out .txt files for example. It’s a way of saying that if you were to select that file and try to load it, it would make mess at the very best and possibly crash things at the worst, so instead of leaving it up to you to figure out which files you should avoid loading, the capability of causing the software to malfunction is disabled.

Thanks! I just wanted to hear if other users have had the same experience. Am also surprised that Index Card doesn’t say anything about version 4.0 files being incompatible with Scrivener. But the thing works, as you say.