IndexCard for iOs & TextExpander Touch

While IndexCard for iOs does what it says, I’m extremely disappointed by its lack of support for TextExpander Touch.
What’s more, I recently contacted IndexCard developer about it and his reply was:

  1. iOs built-in snippets functionality is definitely enough (give me a break! :unamused: )
  2. He will NOT support TextExpander Touch :mrgreen:

May I suggest Scrivener’s developers to mention this unacceptable limitation of IndexCard for iOs in the next version of Scrivener’s manual?

So many other iOs app which sync with our Macs now do support TextExpander Touch that the above mentioned seems unbelievable.
As far as I’m concerned, I’ve hundreds of TextExpander snippets without which I can’t do. I’m sorry I spent my money on IndexCard for iOs. :imp:


What is and isn’t in Index Card for iOS is out of our control, and we can hardly point out in our manual what features are and are not in other products. Scrivener syncs with Index Card for those who like that app (and many do!), that’s all.

The good news is that we are hoping to support TextExpander Touch in Scrivener for iOS. :slight_smile:

All the best,


Yes, I fully understand what you mean.

So let my post be a kind warning to TextExpander Touch addicts who might consider purchasing IndexCard for iOs. :bulb:

As for the rest, I’m looking forward to seeing (and using) Scrivener for iOs 8) 8) 8)


Didn’t see a thread for updates on Scrivener for iOS. Just wondering if you have any teasers or comments for how it’s coming along. The original announcement I saw mentioned shooting for a release at the end of the year–is that still reasonable?

I only ask b/c while I’ve been syncing with my dropbox file, I forget sometimes, which is a annoying habit of mine. And I’d be the first in line to purchase and promote it among my writing friends.



Hi Christine,

It’s coming along well, but it won’t be ready for the end of the year after all, unfortunately. We’re now shooting for the first quarter of next year. I have a very early version on my iPhone and iPad, and can say that it is definitely getting there, though. :slight_smile:

All the best,

An (almost) perfect replacement for IndexCard for iOs is Notebooks app.

Sorry for those who already know & use this excellent application.

I just thought it’d be useful to mention it on the present thread. Notebooks for iPad & iPhone has plenty of great features, mainly:

perfect sync via Dropbox
fully operational (and very fast) TextExpander support
Markdown support
and much more

To my humble opinion, the ONLY advantage of IndexCard is its beautiful graphic interface.
Apart from that, it’s not very powerful to be honest. Note that IndexCard tags and cards colors are not replicated in your Scrivener project. This application is far too expensive for what it does.

Note: before discovering all the goodness of Notebooks, i used WriteRoom for iOs which has a passcode to protect your data and also PlainText for iOs which unfortunately has no passcode protection. Both apps might be a alternative to Notebooks. But if you don’t already own them, you better check out Notebooks.

Hope that might save plenty of time for those who are looking for an efficient application before Scrivener for iOs arrives.