Indexing index cards…

Maybe I’m just a sloppy reader of manuals so what I’m looking for might already be around. But hear me out.

When writing a script I’ll outline it in Scrivener and then export it to Screenwriter to write the actual script. Now… when in re-write mode I like to move back into Scrivener, re-arrange the Index cards, add new scenes, etc. to construct my new outline. But this screws up scene numbering. In Screenwriter I’ve numbered the scenes and what I’d like to do is to bring that info back onto my index cards. It can be done manually of course but - phiuw - takes time!

So once I start adding, subtracting and shuffling scenes around in my new outline, I’d love to be able to:
1: Somehow keep track of what the old scene number was since I’m going back to add changes to old scenes in Screenplay.
2: Somehow automatically add index numbers to the index cards since those will be the new scene numbers.

Am I in Lalaland or is there a way?