Indicate, but don't display, excluded docs in Scrivenings

Probably already requested but I did not find it. When “include in compile” is unchecked, Scrivenings should not show the contents of that document. Instead, it should display something like “doc excluded” at the location where that doc would appear (perhaps with a button to view doc). Or it could display nothing at all, per user preference (I envision a three-way toggle: always show excluded doc contents, always hide excluded doc contents, show link to excluded doc contents). Thx, kraml

Yes, this is something there are plans for. There will be a special command you can use to load an item’s subdocuments into the editor on the condition that they are included in compile. What you do with that from there, Scrivenings, Outliner, whatever, is up to you. We may also add a secondary click to folders if we can.