Indicators in 'Notes' 'Keyword' & 'Links'

Congratulations to whoever built it; Scrivener is the best of the lot. To make it even better though - could some kind of little indicator be made to show when the areas for Notes, Keywords, and Links actually contain something?
Some people are never satisfied!

Hi Peter, thanks for the kind words. Not a bad suggestion. If I do ever implement something like this, this is how it would probably work:

  • It would only work for text documents and text containers, not for folders or media files.
  • It would not check the synopsis - that is, if something has been typed in the synopsis but everything else is blank, the indicator would show it as a blank document. That way you could work with the outliner or corkboard and see from the icons whether or not the document is just a synopsis at the moment. Nor would it check label, status, preserves formatting etc. Just text, notes and keywords - but what about references? Should it check that? Probably not.
  • The indicator would be the document icon. It would be blank for empty documents or use the current documents icon (page with lines on it) for documents with text/meta-data.

I quite like the idea, but I probably won’t get around to implementing it - or properly considering implementation and possibly changing my mind :slight_smile: - for another month or so.

Anyway, glad you like Scrivener, and thanks for the good suggestion.

All the best,

This was actually on my queue of things to bring up “in a while.” Tinderbox has a similar feature, and it makes scanning for dead areas very easy. It also adds lines to the icon as the document becomes larger, but that is probably not necessary for Scrivener. The Synopsis problem is something I considered too, and thought up a 3-state icon to address it. A document with no text would have an icon of a different size. It would have the aspect ratio of an index card. Basically like this:1. No synopsis, no text: Blank index card icon.

  1. Synopsis written, no text: Index card with “Greek” in it.
  2. Synopsis + Text written, regular icon.
    The size gig would work with Stacks and Snapshots (though why one would snapshot a blank document, I don’t know!) Of course, it doesn’t work with Folders, but that is fine. That is just a part of the aesthetic trade-off. If you want to see what a folder is up to, make it a Stack.

Addendum: I do have to question whether or not meta-data should be included in the equation. Should a few keywords change the state to “has content?” I think, if anything it should retain the index card size.

So yes, some more fodder for brainstorming once you get to that point.