Indirect Reference to Folder (for images, for example)?

I currently use documents/BookImages for all my images for Scrivener. This works well because different books often use the same characters or settings. I have over 400 images in that folder. I put those images into each project via the Insert/Image Linked to File… so that the project doesn’t get too large.

But I’m going to start using DropBox for my Scrivener projects. That means that if I want to access the BookImages folder from multiple projects, I will need to move that folder to the DropBox folder.

Any ideas for how to handle this situation without opening all of the character and settings documents and changing the links to the new location?


So long as the images are mainly grouped into a few folders, this should be pretty easy to fix up once you move the folders. The tips provided in one of your earlier threads should suffice.

As for anything you’ve imported using the File ▸ Import ▸ Research Files as Aliases… command—those should resolve automatically. They work a bit like Shortcuts do on Windows (I think Shortcuts are smart like this), in that an alias tracks the underlying file rather than its path and name.

Sorry about that. I’m getting too old for this stuff, apparently. I hadn’t remembered that you’d solved that for me.