Individual project 'Compile Draft' paths


A simple one I hope, when compiling a draft the dialog path points to the place I compiled the last draft to no matter which project the draft belongs to. Can the paths be made project specific, and have an option in Preferences that allows the user to choose the action?


The compile draft path (I assume you mean the standard export path in Finder when you choose to export) just uses whatever is passed to it by OS X’s save panel, so it pretty much works exactly as it does for any other app… I could set it a default path, but there’s no room in the preferences for any more minor preferences, that’s for sure!

No problem, I thought that it might have something to do with Mac OS more than Scrivener, thanks for the reply!

This looks like a job for one of my favorite pieces of software ever: Default Folder X.

Not only does it add an INCREDIBLY useful toolbar to the side of any OS X save pane, but it also supports application-specific default folders, last-used folder memory, and a host of other features. Check it out here:

Oh, and it works flawlessly with Leopard.