Individually scroll columns in the cork board


I have a problem in the use of the Corkboard, and it seems that there is no solution to it yet.
When I use it with a multiple selection as said in the tutorial :

1. Click into the corkboard in the top editor to make sure that it has the focus (remember, the header bar of the top editor should be blue to indicate it has the focus).
2. Click on the “Part 1” folder in the binder.
3. Holding down the Command key, click on “Part 2” in the binder.
4. Holding down the Command key again, click on “Part 3” in the binder.
5. Repeat with “Part 4” and “Part 5”.

I then arrange the “parts” in vertical columns in order to move the cards from one column to another (and place them exactly where I want in the new column)… Well, if my card is, let’s say, at the very end of the first column and I want to move it at the very beginning of the second column, I can’t ! I’m using a touchpad to do so, and the drag and drop only works in the actual screen, but I can’t drag my card off screen, up or down.

So, two questions :

  1. is it possible to drag off screen? If not so, could it be added in a next version?
  2. Even more convenient (the off screen drag and drop never really works on any software I know : to fast or to slow, never accurate) : it would be nice to be able to scroll each column separately, so that we would always drag and drop horizontally, in the actual screen.
  3. (yeah, I know, I know…) Or if it’s to difficult for any reason : could it be possible to just cut and paste a card?

Meanwhile, thank you for your great work.



You can drag off screen - just drag the card to the top of the corkboard, right at the edge, and the corkboard will scroll automatically (this is a built-in feature of OS X). (I just tested this myself to ensure that no bug had crept in.)

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Oh, yes, you’re right, it works. I just have to be extra carefull.
But as I said : it’s really not smooth or accurate (it never is, on any app, not your fault). And doing that with the 200+ cards on 5 different columns is quite a challenge (it to slow or to fast, or stops suddenly, plus you have to search the right spot during the scrolling without releasing the card before reaching it… I mean : I’ll do it (I’m doing it right now), but I really regret that I can’t scroll the columns one at a time and just slide the cards horizontally. It would be much faster.

So, if you ever have time to implement this feature (among the dozens more-important-ones you are already working on), it will be like christmas to me!

Thanks again.