Inexpensive holiday places

I want to take a break, and spend some rest time far from my home/office. This should give me that clean mind, sought after to help me complete that novel started on last November.

Apart for me, however, people should be very rich during these times, since the various travel magazines I bought list bedrooms starting from 250€ per night, rising up to over 500€. Admittedly, this is a bit too much for me.

Also, the average 75€ per night, b&b on the nearby mountains are asking, are still too much for me. They are a fair price, but high enough to remember me how poor I am.

But before I decide to spend this vacation time in my little garden under the apple tree, I would like to ask you if less expensive places can be found somewhere. Possibly, in fresh places, and places I can reach with some smart combination of Ryanair flights.

Any suggestion? Where do you imagine a not-very-rich writer hiding during summer?


Have you considered looking at an apartment/house swap with someone? I don’t know the ins and outs, but I know a few people who do them quite regularly (mostly US people wanting to spend a few weeks in Europe), and they’re gaining in popularity precisely because hotel prices are so steep, so I assume there must be agencies that handle it…

Heh heh, be careful on this front, though. There was a small article in the Times today recommending this, in which a couple who live in in Tottenham were enthusing about a house swap they did with someone in Hawaii, and how they spent a lovely couple of weeks there. What wasn’t mentioned in the article was how the couple who found themselves in a one-bedroom flat in Tottenham felt…


M`sieur Paolo,
I have given your entreaty, much consideration. I think I have discovered a, 'tantalising’ avenue of of enquiry, for you to pursue. … ip_se.html
Bonne Chance, Mon Brave.

Le D :smiling_imp:

Probably delighted with the quaint, run-down authentic charm of it all.

If I lived in such a place as Recanati, Italy, I should never go anywhere in the wide, wide world.

Unless, of course, Vic-K offered me fish 'n chips and a berth in Stockport, UK.

Aye! Thas reet there lad. Aint nowt like a good dollop o Fish n Chips, wrapped up in t front page o last neets Manchester Evening News, and eaten on thoof, walkin back from tpub. :wink:

When young, I worked at the bars on the beach during summer. This might be even more funny!


And I live exacly a bit out of the photo you posted. I could see that house from my window, if there wasn’t a low hill in the middle. It is where I end my after-lunch walk, during the mild seasons.

But, hey, Recanati is a small place, full of tourists during summer. I don’t want to steal parking lots to our kind visitors.

And, what about stories? Look at the second photo, the one from Stockport: a train. This is a novel itself. Pure heaven for writers.


Camping is a good way to go on holiday on the cheap.

The other thing i would highly recomend is volenteering. I have no money this year, so I signed up to work for Oxfam at festivals for 2 weeks (hence why I’ve not been around) and I had the best time doing it.

Many times you can find nice “vacation” spots that offer real cheap rates on “off season” times. Example is the Caribbean Islands Area during hurricane season.

Grand Canyon during the winter.


Or if all else fails find a band that you really like and “tour with them” for a few places in turn for being their “rodey” You carry amps and other gear, they pay for room. YOu just buy food.

Cheap way to see many interesting “off the tourist spots” around the world

A gold mine of really usless infomation :frowning: what…are…y`…like? Jeeez!!

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It appears we have had (all of a sudden) a sharp increase in degrees.

Are we getting our PHDs online might I ask “doctors”?

I have done camping for the first 35 years of my life. It is an option, but I would prefer to have a rest and find something different now.

Volunteering is a great idea, that I had not considered – thank you. Since I already organize festivals and theatrical season in my area, this would also be a great opportunity for exchange and grouth.


Listen you. Don’t you go dragging the better half and the “unfortunate unit A” into this. They have enough things items to mitigate without you unnecessarily adding more to their list.

As to the conversations between Mr. Pot, Mr. Kettle and me, they are none of your business.

The places you can visit are:

  1. Singapore
  2. Thailand
  3. Bali
  4. Europe
    :laughing: 8) :laughing: 8)