Infinite TRIAL mode

Does anyone know if Scrivener will ever have a huge watermark on saved files while writing on trial mode? Or maybe a reduced time?

A feature, exploit or a bug, but just wanted to say that under the latest Majove 10.14.6 VM as a guest, the trial drops every time I launch it.

Trial and licensed versions are the same software. There is no functional difference between them. You will have access to the trial for 30 days of usage, after which it stops working.

Please note that ‘usage’ means actual usage. So if you download the trial and use it during one day, and then don’t use it again for a couple of months, when you launch it again 60 days later, you’ll still have 29 days left of your trial,


After e.g. 1 day of usage, it does drop to 29 days. Although, after VM rr, it goes back to 30 days. 10.14.6, allows the trial to always start at 30 days. As the result, it runs for infinite amount of days.

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I don’t know what a “VM rr” is, but if that has something to do with a virtual machine being reset to a snapshot or something—of course, there will always be loopholes, especially when you wholly redefine the context that software runs within. Likewise if you used Time Machine to reset your Mac to 2017 every time the demo expired, you’d be able to use it forever.

In such cases, these approaches are either so technically beyond what most people encounter, or such a hassle that if someone is really willing to use a virtual machine to write, just to avoid spending a few bucks, I guess more power to them.

Picypoe, are wondering if it is safe to start working on your novel in a copy of Scrivener you never want to pay for?? Or what?

IIRC, Mac “guest” accounts have extremely limited privileges. If free Scrivener were my only reason for using one, I suspect I would hate the experience enough to pay for Scrivener in order to make it stop well before the trial would have run out.

But no, there are no watermarks, time delays, or other “incentives” in the trial version. We think the quality of the program should be motivation enough.


Yes, there are a number of ways to defeat trial periods, all unethical IMHO.

People deserve to be paid for their amazing work and they gotta eat. Apart from that Scrivener is so reasonably priced.

Another company would have you paying for it every 12 months, Adobe would have you paying for it every month!

Trial works fine under 10.13, 10.12 or any patches on 10.14 with an exception only to the latest .6 .

I’ve discovered it purely by chance. In my experience, there was no need to go to that extent. Though, just so that people googling it, wouldn’t abuse it - when I have more time, I will try sending you guys an email with more details.

Yeah, that would be greatly appreciated; if this is something you can reproduce with a stock machine using normal methods of usage, let us know how to reproduce it through our support email. I’m using 10.14.6, so I should be able to follow along.