Influencing Proof Fonts?

I am evaluating Scrivener and have been wrestling with the fonts in my Proof.

I want the text to be in Font A and titles and footnotes and such in Font B. Even Quick Font Override to e.g. Optima on compile does not influence what happens, the PDF remains Times Roman all over.

What am I missing?

Publishing instead of Proofing, but now I have another problem, because Publishing is not able to combine Footnotes and Endnotes.

Yes, my Proofing compiles are all in TNR as well. Not sure why.

The proofing export engine has issues with some types of fonts, and will drop back to TNR if it cannot use them. That limitation (among a couple of other smaller things) is the reason we call it “proofing” and disable it by default. It was rather disappointing to discover that, since for a bit there it was looking like an overall superior solution for generating PDFs. You should have received a warning to this effect—maybe you have it dismissed so that it doesn’t show up any more.

So try playing with a few other fonts and see if you can find one that works and looks good to you. It’ll be a bit hit and miss, so I recommend only compiling a single page or so while testing, to speed up the conversion process.

Would using the ‘overall font override’ be the way to do this?

That tool will override the font for the output, from Scrivener’s side, not the conversion engine’s side. The problem is that if you specify a font the conversion tool does not recognise (for whatever reason), then it substitutes TNR. So no, this global override won’t help if you’re still selecting a font it doesn’t support.

Hmm. So is there a list of supported fonts? Speaking as a non-techie, it seems odd that I could have a bunch of fonts installed on my Mac, various pieces of software all using them just fine, but for this convertor to have problems. Is it an issue that will be fixed at some point?

FWIW, Helvetica works as a global sans, but for some reason I got a square appearing after an italicised word…

The PDF created with this option is generated by Aspose, which is the general-purpose converter we use to create .doc/x and .odt files. That it had a PDF converter was a nice extra, and since it does produce end-of-page footnotes, figured it would be useful for some people—particularly for proofing where formatting doesn’t terribly matter, but maybe of use to those that have a document that falls within what it can handle. The Aspose engine itself is a Java program, not a “normal” Mac program, so its usage of fonts is in an entirely different universe of coding.

We don’t have a list of fonts, like I say, just experiment a bit using that global override on a small section so that you can compile quickly. You should be able to come up with something that works and is agreeable.

I can’t reproduce the character problem you describe with Helvetica and italics. It could be there is a hidden character in that position that needs to be deleted. If you cursor through that spot with the arrow keys and it “halts” in the same position twice, then there is a zero-width character lurking there. Just delete it, or select that range of text and re-type the letters.

OK, Helvetica’s working fine for me now – there were a couple of hidden characters in there. :slight_smile:

If you find any more bad characters, try copying and pasting it into the Project Replace tool. That should zap them all at once.