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Hi there all,

I recently downloaded the trial version of scrivener 2.0 and seems like an awesome piece of software for writing. Currently I’m in charge of putting together all of my companies disaster recovery documentation and wanted to know if anyone has any templates or ideas using Scrivener.

I currently use MS word 2011 and it does a decent job, but I really like how scrivener is laid out. Any ideas would be much appreciated!


That particular application of writing is fairly specific, so I don’t know if there will be any templates in the default installation which work for you—however it is very easy to make your own. If you have a set of structural documents that you work with in Word, you could import those split them up, organise the binder, set up meta-data, and everything else you’d anticipate needing, then use File/Save as Template to make that available for rapid scaffolding in the future. The nice thing about the feature is that you can easily evolve it over time, which will no doubt happen the first half-dozen to a dozen iterations. Small tweaks; as you learn new features you might want to integrate them into the existing template. It’s simple to do this: just create a new project with the template, make your adjustments, and then repeat the above menu command. All of your settings will be pre-loaded so you can save right over the old one.

Thanks Amber!

How would I say structure something like this:

Document - Failover Runbook

  • Section 1 - Executive overview
  • Section 2 - How to use the runbook
  • Section 3 - Conf Call Dial in
  • Section 4 - Vendor and Employee contact info
  • Section 5- Application failover time sheet
  • Section 6 - Application A Failover
  • Section 7 - Application B Failover
    ---- and so on…

Thanks again for the fast reply!

Well, this is all entirely up to you of course, but here is one option for approaching this:

Note that the “Draft” item has been renamed; this would be replaced with “Failover Runbook” or whatever the case may be. In the sections, I’m using folders, this is just a matter of taste, I could have just as easily used file groups… or single files and no sub-section files. Note that I’m not numbering them or calling them “Section”. I would let the compiler handle that aspect. "Section <$n> - " can be added to the title prefix in the Formatting pane of the compiler, keeping all of that auto-counter and generic stuff out of the binder. Sub-sections could be set to emit no title at all, so everything below the sectional folder levels would just appear as one long run of text.

Just one idea. :slight_smile:

Wow, your quick! That looks awesome to me! I think you just helped me be more productive at work!

Time to start working! I am definitely going to buy it!

Thanks again!!!

Thanks! :slight_smile: