Inheriting labels when linking new documents

I don’t think this is a Mac-specific question, just a question. I used to create new documents mostly by splitting, and IIRC they would inherit the label of the previous document. I liked that. Lately I’ve been creating new documents mostly by linking, and they have not inherited the label. I’ve figured out how to mass-update labels, but I was wondering whether there’s a way to default the label of the new document (at all), and preferably to the label of the current document I’m linking from?

Do you mean you’re creating new documents by creating scrivener links (perhaps by using [[this syntax]] to do it)? If so, you can set up a document template that has the label (and any other metadata values) that you want to default to, and then set your draft folder (or a sub-folder) to use that template as its default new document template. There’s no way to default to the label of the “parent” document though, unless you create the documents first (linking to them afterward), in which case you could create a document template for each label (perhaps named for that label), and then pick from the list of templates as you create them.

Yes, that’s how I’m doing it, with the double brackets.

Thanks! My labels mostly correspond to the folder structure, so I think that approach will work for me.

If by that you mean that all of the lowest-level folders/documents get Label A applied to them (for the most part), and any sub-documents of those folders should get a “Label B” applied to them by default, and so-on, then there is a way to do that using document templates for each “level” of document. Use the Documents->default template for subdocuments menu on the template documents as needed; when you create a new document from one of those templates, they will inherit that setting.

For example, if I had special templates for PART folders, CHAPTER folders, and SCENE documents, I could create a PART folder template, and set it’s default template for subdocuments to be the CHAPTER template document I create, and likewise set the default subdocument template for the CHAPTER template to the SCENE document template. I’d then set the Manuscript (aka: Draft)'s default subdocument template to the PART folder template, and everything else would just fall into place as I used the “CMD-n” shortcut for creating new documents within the hierarchy of the Binder structure.

Hope that helps…

That sounds handy, too, but I did mean that my labels tend to match up with my folder structure; everything in one folder has the same label—or if it doesn’t, I can always start a new folder for that purpose. I’m tracking kind of the same information with the folders and the labels, just a slightly different view of it.