Init Caps, De-Linking URLs, Sorting by Status


A few quick questions I could not find with The Google:

  1. How do I turn off the automatic init caps and linking of URLs? I write about coding and it’s infuriating (okay, annoying) to have to manually retype HTML code so the first character is lower case and the URLs are not linked. For example, when I type

  2. Scrivener changes it to
  3. and I have to go back and retype it as
  4. .

  5. In the Binder, I have a folder per project with a number of articles within each folder. Each article has a status using the default set. Any way I can view in the Binder based on Status? For example, I’d love the Binder view to show me only articles with status To Do. Or only articles with status Final Draft.

Thank you in advance for any help!

To turn off underlining of URLs, go to Edit > Preferences > Auto-Correction and uncheck “Automatically detect web-addresses”.

There are 2 ways round inappropriate capitalizations, neither of them perfect.

a) type cmd-z immediately after the change occurs and it will be undone. This should work every time, but you need to do it every time.

b) turn off automatic capitalization in the same Auto-Correction preference tab. “Fix capitalisation of sentences”. Of course, this means it won’t capitalise anything at all automatically.

For 2) have a look in the Tutorial and the Manual for Collections which should do exactly what you want. Basically, in the top right hand search box (Edit > Find > Project Find or ctl-opt-F), select ‘Status’ from the drop down menu (click on the magnifying glass), then enter First Draft, or whatever. This will collect all the relevant documents. The drop down menu has an option ‘Save search as collection’ which will allow you to keep a dynamic list so you only have to create this status search once for each status.

View > Collections > Show [Hide] Collections will toggle between the standard binder and the Collection view where you’ll find all your saved searches.



Thanks, David! On Mac OSX, it was Scrivener > Preferences > Formatting and then > Corrections to find the two items to uncheck. In case someone else has the same issues.

The search by status worked brilliantly as well. The only issue is the folder names are not present. However, the articles are listed by order as they appear in each folder which gets me what I want. Basically, I’m writing down a list of articles with the ones due first at the top of the list.

Appreciate your help and quick response!


No problem Tim. Glad it helped.

BTW, which version are you using? In the latest version of Scrivener (v 2.3.5 beta 21968) on the mac, it’s definitely Preferences > Corrections (that’s the name of icon you have to click, although the actual tab is entitled Auto-Correction for some reason) where the two necessary options are located, not the Formatting tab.

But whichever version you’re using, I’m glad it’s working for you!

2.3.1 on Mac OSX Mountain Lion, if that matters.

Thanks again for the quick replies!

One other thing you can do for showing status is to use the outliner instead of the binder. Put things in a vertical split with the outliner on the left, set titles and status to be shown for the outliner, then click on the two arrows in the footer bar of the outliner to turn on “Selection affects other editor”. When those two arrows are blue, any clicks in the outliner will open the selected item in the other editor, so that you can use the outliner as a navigator (this works with the corkboard too).

All the best,

Wow, Keith. The only improvement would be to filter based on status for the bottom Ouliner area. But I at least can select a folder in binder and thus limit the articles that appear in the bottom outline area.


Although you can’t filter in the outliner (well, you can, but only using search results and clicking in the header bar of the search results, which would entail having the search results/binder open too), you can sort by status in the outliner by clicking on the status column header.

All the best,