Initial Impressions Very Favorable

Anyone new to Scrivener and I am new to all of this–should love the ease of installation and the tutorial that practically greets you at the door. Thanks for the intuitive flow and an interactive mode that is so inviting. Great!!!

Glad you like it so far! There’s a lot to iron out so initial downloaders are certainly forging the way with finding bugs, so we appreciate your kind words.
All the best,

I agree with JoGirl. I have only played around with it for half an hour and I am already in love with the software.

Thanks so much to everyone involved in making this available for Windows users (finally!). :slight_smile:

Thanks LilianEve! There’s much to be done, so it’s great you’re already liking the beta!
All the best,

It’s as awesome as I hoped :slight_smile:

Love the screenshot function! That solves a real writing problem for me. And I look forward to working with all the various ways of viewing files and snippets. It’s a complex program, but looks straightforward to just jump into and start writing. This will fun to work with for NaNo, I think.

Phew! Thanks guys, much appreciated!

I’ve never even seen the Mac version of Scrivener so I’m brand new to the software. The installation was amazingly simple, and the tutorial is super thorough and easy to follow. I’m basically in love with this after only two hours of playing.

I’m completely new to it too, and so far I really like it! I can see tons of potential for using it, and not just for fiction.


So far I’ve noticed a fair number of discrepancies in the tutorial (between what it says you should see and what you actually see), but none of them kept me from understanding what to do.

And as for the features that are not yet working? None of them sound at all important to what I want to use the program for.

I am definitely buying this as soon as it goes on sale. :smiley:

In fact, I am likely to buy two copies. My sister desperately wants this program. She doesn’t know that yet, but she does. :smiley:

Yes, congratulations to you guys for the launch. I think everyone understands that there will be kinks and quirks in a first beta version. So good job! It certainly looks very nice, and feels remarkably snappy, but then again I can only blame myself for running a slow 1.54 in a virtual box mac. :smiley:

Just got it downloaded and started playing around. I can see where this will be enormously useful. My first project is a non-fiction. It may take me some time to master the bits and pieces of the index cards, but how neat to be able to swap them around!

I copied and printed the readme file for ease of reference. Loved the video tutorial, but will have to view it again as I’m a relatively slow learner.

Thank you!!

Thank you! So far it’s wonderful. The install was painless and I worked out how to use the NaNoWriMo template without resorting to a vat of coffee.

I’ve been ‘investigating’ all the software out there, and to date my favourite was Page Four. I still see it as very useful, but for full immersion in a project I’m already hooked on Scrivener. And, as it’s a beta, that’s good in my book.

I’m hoping that the transfer of data between the windows and mac versions will be be smooth - but that’s for tomorrow. Today: now, I’m utterly stoked! :smiley:

I agree - great first look! Thanks!

No problems installing, and it works fine. I’ve been using the Mac version for some time, and no real problem switching over to the windows version.

Also, I’m on a netbook, and was curious to see if screen real estate was going to be a problem, so far its working great. Life is very good now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d just like to chime in. I’ve looked at quite a bit of writing software in the past few years, and always was disappointed Scrivener wasn’t available for PC. But now that I have it, one thing I was very impressed with is how well it works on my little laptop. I do most of my writing on an HP Mini, which has a very small screen, and thus makes most writing software a horrible thing for me. So far, it’s working pretty well. I can’t leave the Inspector mode open all the time, but that’s not really important to me. (I was planning on installing it on my desktop so I could see how it looked on a ‘real’ computer, but alas, my desktop refused to start when I tried to turn it on yesterday)

I haven’t even had any problems with it yet. The only irritating thing I’ve noticed is the delay in the creation of new documents. I’ve mostly been working in the draft folder writing out synopses for each of my scenes, and it takes a bit for the new scene to pop up once I create it. Minor, and easily ignored, but I thought I would mention it. For a beta, I’m pretty impressed with how well it runs! Hopefully I’ll get a little more time to play with it before Nano starts.