initial license agreement is gibberish [ADDITIONAL INFO]

Windows XP, SP3
2 GB Ram

downloaded the install file, and started the install. When the license box came up, it looked like this the attached image file - all little gibberish marks.

I accepted anyway, and install completed successfully.license box.jpg

Muhahahaaa! You have no idea what you just signed over to us.

Well. as long as it wasn’t my first-born, no problem. Actually, come to think of it, … nevermind.

I wanted to say that I just ran the 1.3 exe and the initial license is still coming across as gibberish. Don’t know if anyone else is have the issue, but thought I would mention it, since it is still happening.

What happens if you copy and paste out of this, out of curiosity? It might be a font problem.

I did a copy and paste to a straight text editor, and the text came out perfect. The text in the box you agree to is just little arcs (see the earlier image), so it must have grabbed some font other than a plain old text one. But in the text editor, the pasted lines are all proper text.

Great. That’s probably good info for the developer once he finds this thread. Thanks for checking up on that.

Always willing to help - and happy to check on things I didn’t think of.

I used to be pretty decent at this software beta testing stuff, but it has been years since I’ve done any. You forget so much…

To be honest. I have absolutely no idea. I don’t believe anyone else has reported this issue.

My guess would be a memory issue on the machine?

Out of interest, if you rebooted the machine, and ran the installer again to the license page, then canceled the installer. I’d be interested to see if it was still gibberish?

There’s nothing fancy here, the installer loads a plain text file to display the license, the same license file installer in the Scrivener install directory.


I shut down and rebooted the system, and ran the installer. Text still came up trashed. No idea what is doing it, but wanted to let you know what it was doing, and that it is still doing it for me.

Do you have any kind of tool that can scan your system fonts for corruption?

not that I am aware of. I suppose I could look at each font, but no guarantees that would find anything. Do you know if the installer calls for a specific font? I opened the licence.txt file with 4 different text editors, as well as opening in in hex, but in all of them, the text came across as a readable font.

Scrivener 022 downloaded and installed 12 April 2011

Win 7 64 bit Ultimate, Aero turned on, fonts set at 100% default size
12Gb RAM

Notes about license agreement:

  • A small number of characters were displayed as a vertical bar in the license agreement, such as it|s

  • Some initial capital letters were displayed unattractively

  • IMDENINTY incorrectly spelt