Initial window size larger than my netbook screen

When I first open Scrivener in XP, the window size is the same width as my netbook screen but longer (so I can’t scroll to see all my writing.) I then hit maximize, and it fits the screen; but it doesn’t remember that I want it to do this the next time I open it, and I have to go through the “You’re maximized - > no, wait, you’re not, I can’t scroll, crap” moment each time.

It’s only really an annoyance bug, but in the spirit of diligence I record it.

I noticed this too, it generally only happens when the last time I had the document open was on my desktop and I had the Scrivener window larger than my netbook screen.
I always attributed it to being my fault. I just maximize and go on.

I’ve noticed this problem on my laptop as well. I’m running Windows 7 at a resolution of 1366 x 768. When the program opens, the bottom of the window is obscured beneath the bottom of my screen. If the program is maximized, the issue goes away.