Inkbok Subscription Reading Launches (Sorta)

A new ebook subscription service called Inkbok has launched, although I attached “sorta” to that because the mobile apps for reading aren’t yet available. Hopefully, they’ll be out in a few weeks. This is sign-up time for reader membership. They’ve been accepting submissions from authors for several months.

Here’s their public face:

And here’s their latest news for authors: … nformation

I like their price. $4.95 a month is more likely to be the sweet spot of subscription reading than $9.95. And their share-the-income business model is more likely to work than others I’ve placed books with.

Even more important, particularly for novelists, is that they’re planning a free-read area, offering shorts as well as novel-length material, and having space for authors and readers to interact. That opens up an opportunity for an aspiring author to create a fan base and get feedback. Here’s how it might work:

  1. Be honest up front that what readers are getting is a sample, that the complete and final version will only be available for Inkbok’s paid subscribers or for purchase.

  2. Post a new chapter as a short story to the free area every week or so.

  3. Take the praise, suggestions and criticism readers offer seriously, revise and post a new version. That should make the writing less lonely.

  4. When you’ve gotten far enough along that the story is coming together, tell your readers “sorry, no more until the paid membership version.”

  5. Release the paid version. Hopefully Inkbok will offer some mechanism where readers can sign up to be notified when that version is released.

I think there’s a lot of potential of Inkbok to do well. They’re not engaging in a lot of media splash, but they do seem to have good ideas and seem willing to listen to new ideas from authors. If you want a rough parallel, think of them as like Smashwords, very author-centric, but for subscription reading rather than retail sales and distribution.

If you’ve got an epub version of your books and a cover image, it’s not hard to set up an author account with them and place your books with them. If it works out, that’s added income. If you change your mind, you can always remove them. Here are the details:

If you’d like to see how your book will be displayed by them, do a search on the main Inkbok (upper-right) page for Tolkien Warriors and you’ll see one of mine.

–Mike Perry, Inkling Books