Inline annotation "bold" formatting option


  1. I’m using the Windows version, and I have no idea if this is already a Mac feature that will be coming later to Windows.
  2. Possibly it’s already possible in Windows and I just don’t know it. I checked Tools > Options and found nothing.

I’m using inline annotations a lot lately.

On the screen, inline annotations are fine–they’re red and plain to see amongst the regular text.

On paper, less so. I use a mono printer. I’ve done what I can with the “Inline annotation enclosing markers” setting (I use <<!!>> instead of the default [ ].) But it’d be nice to either make these bold, or make the inline annotations themselves appear bold/italic/whatever, so that annotations stand out more obviously from the rest of the printed text. (I realise I could manually make annotations bold/italic/whatever with a couple of extra clicks. But still.)

Just a thought, no big deal though.