Inline annotations and capitalisation

I thought there was a thread here that I could append this to — the thread I was thinking of was about automatic capitalisation of the first word following a parenthesis which ends in .? or! — but I don’t have enough time to go hunting for it, so sorry if this is somewhat of a duplication.

The same thing happens with inline comments which end in a period, that is if you close the annotation and then carry on typing. I use inline comments all the time, which I include in the compile for the people whose writing I’ve edited. I don’t normally have to type new stuff immediately after the comment, though, so I’ve only just noticed this.

Scrivener 2.02, 13" MBA, OS 10.6.6


Hi Mark,

I can’t reproduce this - I tried it, and the first letter of the sentence following the annotation that ended with a period was capitalised correctly. Annotations shouldn’t make any difference anyway because the capitalisation code doesn’t take any account of formatting - it is based purely on textual content. So perhaps there was another factor at play? Could you give step-by-step instructions with the sentences used?