Inline annotations automatically turned on

I’ve been having problems with the latest version of Scrivener and Inline Annotations

For some reason, Inline Annotations are turned on in every new text file. If I turn it off, then close and reopen, everything is back to being annotated.

Inline annotations is one of my most-used features, and I suppose I set it to do this somehow.

How do I turn it off?

As with all formatting (which annotations are a special kind of), they can be made default for new documents. You just need to do the reverse—select some text that isn’t annotated, and set that as your default.

(Actually: I note the Mac doesn’t store annotation as a valid formatting default, it strips it out. There probably isn’t a right answer here, and so I’ll leave this topic in the Windows section rather than being a general Scrivener question, as most are.)

Thank you!!

I don’t understand why this caused it to automatically annotate text after it was un-annotated. But this has solved the problem!

Yeah I can’t really explain that either! My guess is that maybe it always was annotated but didn’t look like it. There are a few display glitches that have been very difficult for us to fully fix. One of them causes subsequent lines of long annotations to not appear annotated. It is, it just doesn’t have the bubble around it.

Actually, I switched it back to check.

I have text with some annotations.

When I set formatting default to annotate, then close and open again - everything is annotated, including pieces of text that were not annotated before.

When I set the default back to normal, close and open again, only what has been really annotated stays that way

I seem to recall a very similar bug a while back, where if you saved default formatting with links, the link formatting itself would end up getting saved as default (which it shouldn’t be), and similarly all text past and present would end up looking that way until you fixed your settings. I’m pretty sure that was fixed, it may be the way it was fixed is by ensuring link formatting doesn’t end up in defaults, rather than solving the root problem of default text adornment and colour overrides (which annotations do) getting applied all over the place.

I’ll see if it’s something we can solve.

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