Inline annotations become misaligned upon export


Over the last months I reliaby run into this problem: inline annotations, which are converted into comments upon export to docx, are misaligned and appear at seemingly random order and at random places in the exported file. What happens is they seem to collapse with the next comment (in the inspector). I.e.: When I have
“Some text with [inspector comment 1] and an [inline annotation 1], which is followed by even more text with another [inspector comment 2]”, the export produces:
“Some text with [inspector comment 1] and an , which is followed by even more text with another [inline annotation 1][inspector comment 2]”.

If the actual distance between an inline annotation and a comment is very large, this bug is extremely annoying as rogue comments appear at the most ill-fitting places.




Sorry for the late reply. Could you please zip up and send a project that exhibits this behaviour to AT literatureandlatte DOT com so that we can take a look at what is happening? Please also provide brief instructions on what we need to do to see the problem (whether we need to export or Compile, and to which format).

Thanks and all the best,

Dear Keith,

I sent you the requested email.

All the best,