Inline Annotations have turned into comments

I imported an RTF created by Scrivener iOS into Scrivener v2 and all my inline annotations have been turned into comments. I’ve turned the turn comments into inline annotations checkbox and re-imported. This has rectified my issue but I am confused as to why Scrivener v2 is turning my inline annotations into comments in the first place.

I’m assuming I’ve missed a setting somewhere. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

Why are you importing from iOS Scrivener instead of just opening the same project on both devices?


If you exported an RTF file from Scrivener, then the annotations inside it will have just been converted to regular RTF comments. Importing an RTF file into Scrivener, the comments will be turned into Inspector comments unless you tick “Import comments as inline annotations” in the Sharing > Import area of the Preferences.

But, as Katherine says, why are you exporting and importing rather than simply syncing?

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Because the project is v2… Isn’t Scrivener for iOS for v3 projects only?

No it works with Windows and older Mac installations as well. It is (and always has been) capable of reading and working with both v2 and v3 format projects seamlessly. It will not upgrade them, but simply adjust how it works with the project based on its internal version number.

Thank you. That’s good to know.