Inline Annotations – Visual Enhancement

I’d like to see inline annotations “pop” on-screen a little more in Scrivener than they do now. The red outlining and rounded corners are nice as far as they go but easy to miss (at least for my 49-year-old eyes) on a text-heavy page. I think Apple has paved the way here with the way Safari dims web pages and highlights search results three-dimensionally in situ, with a crisp drop-shadow and just a hint of beveling. It’s a tremendous improvement for the user. A similar approach could be taken with Scrivener on inline annotations. Page-dimming is impractical for editing but the drop shadow and beveling would make annotations much easier to see. Just a thought. In any case Scrivener is a joy to use and I’m eagerly looking forward to v2.


Thanks for the feedback. The main issue I see with this is that for most users the issue is that they stand out too much (hence the ghost notes mode), so they are supposed to be subtle as they are annotations rather than something that should jump out. If you would just like to be able to look through the annotations more easily, you an use the Edit > Find > Find Annotations feature, which will take you through all of the annotations in your project.

Thanks for the kind words!

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