Inline footnotes lost when converted to inspector

inline footnotes lost when converted to inspector-
I had problems with my footnotes carrying the page alignment of the associated text (Some footnotes appeared centred).
I thought I was clever by converting them to inspector footnotes, which solved the footnote format problem, but now I notice I have lost many of my footnotes, and when I try converting them back to inline footnotes, they still do not reappear!
The problem arises when I have multiple adjacent footnotes, (separated with a comma) and even occurs with a pair of hyperlinks with a space between (The first one goes missing).

So are they lost forever or just hiding? (I converted loads without checking if any disappeared)
How do I solve this?

has this been covered elsewhere?

Did a few experiments
It seems that the problem depends on what separates the footnotes in the body text.
No problem with Alphanumeric text, but so far it fails with /, . : _ + & space and non breaking space (CtrlG W),
Shame about the non breaking space, as it would have provided an acceptable solution.
Of course it works if I use “and”
Any suggestions?

Re my earlier panic request: "are they lost forever or just hiding? "!
Well, I have managed to recover most of mine by using Ctrl Z (Edit Undo is not available), in each document that I had previously corrupted by doing the Format, Convert, Inspector Footnotes to Inline Footnotes.