Inline Footnotes to print

Dear Scriv-Team,

first of all I would like to thank you for doing a really good job. I really love this product and also the way how you improve it from time to time.

As you remember I already posted in the Beta-phase some issues regarding footnotes and I have always been happy to help in this regards. I guess footnotes are my thing :slight_smile:

Accordingly I would like to post some on your wish list (as you remember I use both the Win and the Mac version): I would be really great if you would make it possible - directly in the print menu - to allow to print “inline footnotes” as such (i.e. in the text). I only found a work around for printing by converting them to inline-annotations which would work because you allow inline-annotations to be printed.

Should not be a big deal but would make my life (in terms of my workflow) much easier.


I second this. It’s great to have footnotes, but if you’re giving out documents to people to edit (for example, online critique groups that use web-based editors), the footnotes aren’t accessible. It seems an option to just embed the footnotes in brackets inline would be perfect!