Inline Footnotes vs. Inspector Footnotes Formatting Differences


I’ve had Scrivener for a while, and am getting back in the habit of using it for my writing. As such, I’ve starting with the interactive tutorial again to refresh myself on how the program works.

At a point toward the end of the tutorial, we learn about the Compile feature and test it out by compiling the tutorial in Original formatting as a PDF. I noticed when I did this that the footnotes at the end were a little strange as one of them was formatted completely differently and indented.

[attachment=0]PDF compile footnote screenshot.png[/attachment]

After a bit of sleuthing and testing, I’ve discovered that the particular errant footnote was one created later on in the tutorial as a demonstration of Inline Footnotes. After a bit of testing, I ended up creating another inline footnote and another Inspector footnote afterwards and have attached the results. In the screenshot above of the end of my compiled PDF, the first two footnotes were created using the Inspector, the 3rd was created using inline footnotes in the tutorial itself, the 4th was created by me using the Inspector, and the 5th was also created by me using inline footnotes.

Does anyone know how to go about ensuring uniform formatting for both inline and Inspector footnotes, and how to get rid of an indent in an inline footnote? I know I could easily just opt to use one or the other, but I’m wondering if other people have been having this problem, too. Thanks!