Inline images causes performance issues, freezing.

This was something I noticed while on, but I forgot to file a bug in time for the changeover.

Expected behavior: While Scrivener has inline scaled images, it should not have any performance issues or negative impact on the user’s experience.

Issue: When using inline images, possibly only while using Scrivener’s scaling methods, Scrivener becomes non-performant while typing. Display of characters will freeze for half a second to a second at a time every 15 or so seconds. You can even see the cursor blink delay on a regular time cycle while not typing anything. This makes Scrivener feel like it’s being used on a 20 year old machine, and is very distracting.

Scrivener Windows Beta

I don’t use any images, but I use inline footnotes/annotations and seem to have this problem as well.

Sorry that this reply is so very late in coming. Are you still experiencing this with the newer betas? Or has this issue gotten better over time?

Thank you for your help in this.

Inline scale images cause a performance issue if the original image is big or has a high resolution. Scrivener keeps and uses the original image to target the different printing resolutions and HighDPI monitors. To workaround this issue, please import images in lower resolutions and/or sizes. Big images in high dpi do cause performance issues at the moment. We are thinking about improving it, but we are not ready with a solution yet. You can also read my comment in this thread: