Inline Markdown Syntax Highlighting


Are there any plans to integrate an inline MMD syntax highlighter into Scrivener’s editor? Someone recently released this syntax highlighter, which would (probably) simplify the implementation in Scrivener if it is ever to find its way into the app.

My reasoning for this is twofold: one, it’s easier to cart plaintext around than rich-text, and two, I apply sparse formatting to my documents, making full rich-text unnecessary. Having the app italicize and embolden the few things that I need it to, or even just add another Markdown bullet if I’m using those (yeah, that’s not “syntax highlighting,” but it’s close enough), would greatly improve the editing experience.

My usage might not be typical, though, and the feature is more aesthetic than anything else—one of those things that I would love to have, but that doesn’t make or break the entire experience. Oh, and full Markdown probably appeals to fewer users than full rich text.

Thanks for your consideration, even if it is just a half-second pause and a “no.” The app’s still great either way.

— Josh