Inline Scapple preview in scrivener

I use scapple to make a character web diagrams, value conflict etc. because Tables sometimes aren’t flexible enough

But when I include it in my Characters page in scrivener, it appears as a blue link, not the actual image of the scapple doc.

the point of scapple is to visualize stuff at all time for structure to be apparent. it seems like a small change, but would make a world of difference

keep up the great work

You have to import the scapple map into the binder (anywhere but in the Draft folder) to get the preview. You can indent it beneath your Scrivener characters document in the binder to keep it closely associated with that document. Note that if you import it, by default you’ll end up with a copy in Scrivener, which can be opened “in external editor” using an icon at the bottom of the editor to modify it. The original will not be reflected in the copy you add to Scrivener that way. If you want to keep the Scapple map outside of Scrivener, you can import the Scapple file into the binder as an alias. I think that still gets you a preview of the Scapple map, but I’m not 100% sure of that.

Hang on, what do you mean by preview? I can certainly open Scapple files from Scrivener, but there’s on inline preview. Is this a Mac only thing?

These previews are called “Quicklook” on Mac OS, and have been a feature for a number of years. From what I understand, programmers of Mac apps can add code to render a read-only copy of a “document” that can be viewed in the file browser without opening any applications that can read that file type. By providing that rendering as part of the document in a way that MacOS knows how to find and parse, you can read/view the contents of many different types of files quickly and without launching a bunch of applications.

I know that the Windows files browser now has that capability (maybe it had it for a long time?) but since I only see those Windows Explorer previews for image files and Office documents, I don’t know if 3rd-party programmers have access to the programming interface to integrate them with their own applications.

Scrivener for Mac just leverages the MacOS feature (as it does with so many other OS-provided services), whereas typically, the Windows team has to buy or build their own implementation to match the Mac version of Scrivener. So, in conclusion, any file/document with a Quicklook preview in it can be viewed in the editor window of Scrivener for Mac, because Scrivener also implemented the same feature as Mac’s Finder (file browser).

I have no idea if v3 for Windows has/will have this feature; I haven’t seen any mention of Scapple specifically, so I’m guessing this is one of those differences between Macs and Windows that makes it “easy” for Keith to add to the Mac version but very impractical for the Windows team.