Inline titles in an edit scrivenings session?


Just a thought for 1.5 or later.

Since I like to know where I am in my notes during a large Edit Scrivenings session, I’ve been experimenting with dragging note titles to the first line of text fields and thus automatically creating inline titles that are also blue scrivener links.
As far as it goes this works OK and makes navigation and editing a bit easier, especially in projects with numerous notes whose titles carry a lot of info.
But I was wondering if in some later version you might include an option to imbed the title of a note in one of those temporary extra lines you insert between documents in Edit Scrivenings sessions. That way, the titles -like the empty lines- would only show during the ES session itself, and only if a preference was set.



When first using Scrivener I was a bit disappointed and confused that the titles didn’t appear in the Edit Scrivenings view. To me this would definitely make a huge difference to the utility of this function in combination with the outliner.

Edit Scrivenings is very different from the combined text view in Scrivener Gold. Edit Scrivenings is much more stable, in fact - the old version was very buggy. Personally, I prefer the titles not being there, as it makes it easier to see how scenes run into one another, though I understand why some might like to see the titles. However, because of the way Edit Scrivenings is implemented, this would be very difficult to add at this time, so any such option is likely to be a 2.0 thing, as it would require a complete rewrite. Remember that you can use the icon in the header view to navigate between chunks of text in Edit Scrivenings in the meantime.

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Keith, it sounds like you’re saying this is undoable for now, but I think it would be very helpful for the future. Many of the short stories I am now writing have blocks of text with subtitles. It would be really convenient to have the document titles automatically inserted as line 1 in a document, or implemented as a variable field in the divisions between the documents in scrivenings.

Could there possibly be a way to insert a field ( for example) into the top of the document which would show the title of the document, so that if you change the document name in the binder, it would get updated? It’s a bit sophisticated, I know, but something that could prove very helpful as a manuscript goes through the editing process.


for the time being, why not put the titles into the text of a document and sort the text of this title document as subdocuments under that file?

I work like that without exception. You could number the chapters or give them short titles as document id and then put the real title into the document, like:

Document title: “3.5 Tiger approaching”
Title as text in the title document: “The fear of the hunters in the jungle at night”

This way, I have all titles, subtitles as well, inline.


That is a very good work around until there are metacodes, if ever, in Scrivener.