Insert audio transcription timestamp

Scrivener has a few excellent shortcuts which make transribing audio easy enough. It would be even more excellent if a shortcut could insert the time info from whatever media was playing in the editor. Unless I’m missing something, this currently has to be done manually, which can be a bit of a fiddle.


Thanks, this is something that has come up a few times in the past and I have it on our list for consideration.

Excellent, glad to hear its being considered. My little pitch would be that even though it would be a very simple addition, it would make scrivener massively more useful for this part of the research process for those of us who work with interview material. From what I’ve seen there really aren’t very many decent software options which perform this task which don’t cost a crazy amount.

I would suggest that the shortcut add the timestamp on its own line (i.e., surrounded by carriage returns, perhaps with an option to insert it without any additional carriage returns). This would allow the timestamps themselves to easily cut up the doc and become headers via the split with selection as header function, which could be handy.