Insert Date into Header

Is there a placeholder tag to insert the current date into the header of each page during compile?

I’ve tried <$date> and <$longdate>, but these don’t seem to work on the windows version. At the moment I’m typing it in by hand so I don’t mix up the different revisions of my printed drafts, but this is kind of a pain…

If this is not currently possible, I would like to highlight it as a very desirable feature for future versions!

This isn’t yet possible, but it will be coming, along with a handful of other variables. :slight_smile:

Will the date/time placeholders come with the Jan 2013 update, by chance? Thx kraml

The placeholders exist already, but cannot yet be used in the header or footer (only the page number variable, <$p>, can currently be used there). I don’t think these are going to be available for use in the header/footer with the 1.5 update, but if not then they should be in the following incremental release.

Can the placeholders be used in a file?

Yes, they can go anywhere in the document or be used in titles, prefixes, and suffixes. You can find the list here or in the user manual.

Hmmm. The time-related placeholders do not appear in the manual that comes up when I select Help | Scrivener Manual in the version that I am using ( But they do work, as described in the link that you supplied above. Thanks! Mark

Any update on when we’ll be able to put the date into headers/footers?

This will be part of the upcoming 1.7 release.