Insert document at the top of its folder?

I’m think there’s an answer to this, but I haven’t been able to track it down. Imagine I have a folder, and I want to add a document at the top of the folder. However, if I click on the folder, and use any of the myriad ways to add a document, Scriv adds the document outside the folder at the same level as the folder. The distance between those two in the binder can be vast.
To illustrate, suppose I’m keeping a journal, log or diary and the documents are labeled with a date. When I want to add an entry for the next day, I can go to the bottom of the list of documents in the Diary folder and just add a list and the shortcut for date and time. Suppose though, that I always want the latest entry to show up at the top of the list of entries. So the entries are May 3, 2015; May 2, 2015, May 3, 2015, and so on. What’s the best, fastest way to insert the document that will become May 4, 2015, showing up in the binder directly under the Diary folder, and ahead of older entries?
The same issue comes up when I’ve got a section of a paper written. Now that I know how I want to introduce the topic, I want to go to the top of the stack of documents in the folder to insert a new document so I can write the intro to the section.
Is there any way to do this? A shortcut key of some sort? It’s driving me nuts!


The default behaviour is to create a new file as the last child of the folder, not as a sibling of the folder, but there is an option for that in the Navigation preference pane, Always create new items as siblings.

That won’t change things so that the file goes to the top of the folder’s child list, but it will still at least keep it in the folder and not below it. Meanwhile, any problem with selecting the first item in the folder and creating the new document from there? That is what I always do if I want to add something at the top of a list, followed quickly by Ctrl-Cmd-UpArrow once I’ve named it. Now it is at the top.

Thanks, AmberV–I’m so glad to have this question answered. It’s a minor itch that’s nagged me for years.

I’m already doing what you describe, except for the Ctrl-Cmd-UpArrow shortcut. I’ll add that to the process.