Insert image (from|linked to) file...

I thought I knew the answer to this from a previous thread, but the behaviour doesn’t accord with my understanding.

My belief was that to insert an image from a file was to take that image and embed it in the file, and if the image is removed from the file system, no worries because it has been embedded in the scrivener document. Insert image linked to file however, would display the image as it appears in the file system, but if you remove it then scrivener won’t find it and it won’t be inserted. However the scrivener project is slimmer as it doesn’t have to keep the images embedded within it.

My question though, is how often does Scrivener look up the image in the case of the linked to file option? My workflow is to insert tables as images (for now; later in my workflow I will replace them with native word tables in Word itself), and occasionally I see an error and since my supervisors will be seeing draft copies with tables as images, I need to go and make corrections to the images.

Do I have to re-insert? I don’t see the changes ever taking effect? Maybe the updated image will get inserted on compile, but would Scrivener occasionally look at the file to which it is linked and check that it’s stil there and perhaps update how it is displayed in the document if it has changed?

Scrivener looks up the image when the text is first loaded into memory. If you make any changes to the image after that, you will need to close and reopen the project.

Hope that helps.

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It does! Thanks.