Insert Image gives a giant space above the image

Has anyone seen an issue where inserting an image gives a giant space above the image (after the previous paragraph). In addition the placeholder/resize box shows up above and to the right far away from where the image actually is.

The line spacing is probably set at a line-height multiple, so with the image being much higher than your text, the space between it and the previous line is much greater. To fix it, ensure the image is on its own line, then select it and use the spacing drop-down menu in the format bar to set it to 1.0, or select “More…” from there to put some specific number in or just a smaller multiplier. Then choose Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting to ensure that the spacing for the image isn’t changed during compile. (If you’re not overwriting formatting during compile, that isn’t necessary, but there’s no harm in setting it in case you’re trying different options later. The blue background and dotted line only appears in the editor to indicate that it is preserved; it won’t show in the compiled document.)


(Preserve formatting also helps when working on multiple computers and converting a document to use default style.)