Insert Image Shortcut (split from BEFORE POSTING...)

Hi Keith,

Congrats on 2.0, it works great, had fun publishing pretend Kindle versions of my science writing course yesterday! The formatting looks fantastic.

One thing I had been hoping might find its way into 2.0 was a keyboard short-cut to “Insert an Image”, or even better yet, an icon one could drag to the Toolbar. I know there must be a lot of competition for short-cut options, but function+icon choices don’t have that sort of restriction anyway. I use Scriv mainly to conceptually organise my online course, which, being web-based, entices me to add in lots of images.

BTW I too loved your voice-over in the tutorials! You could earn a living just off that voice I think! I recorded a “model seminar” a few weeks back as part of my seminar skills course, using IShowU and my iSight camera. It took me all day to do an 8 minute video - and my voice sounds nowhere near as charismatic as yours.



Thanks Geoff, much appreciated. You can set any keyboard shortcut you want for the menu items using the System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts pane. Obviously it’s impossible to get shortcuts that work for everyone, but the System Preferences allow you to customise them so they better fit your workflow.

Thanks for the kind words - I don’t think I get called “charismatic” very often. :slight_smile:

All the best,

No, but scrivener is. Just look at the activity on the boards over the last couple of days.

Many thanks for that tip, I hadnt realised that. It works! Much better than the limited success I had a while back with QuickSilver and ilk recording macros to do the same thing. I also just discovered that I could drag images directly into the document - Scrivener, the gift that just keeps on giving!!!