"Insert Image TO File"

Currently “Insert Image From File” shows an image inline in the text – great – but makes a local copy of the file in Scrivener – not always appropriate, although it is fine for files that are essentially static images.

Sometimes the external images are works-in-progress no less than the text in Scrivener itself e.g. figures for a book (PDF diagrams in my case). In these cases it would be very helpful if Scrivener would use the external file itself as the image, so that when the external file changed, so did the image in Scrivener.

I’m afraid that’s not possible. Scrivener saves text files as RTFD files, a format created by Apple. There is no way to have an RTFD file contain a live representation of a linked file in this way.
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Thanks for clarifying, Keith.

Is it safe for me to write a script which periodically (a) locates my pdf image in the scrivener project by name (it seems the name is retained by default), and (b) replaces it with an updated one?


You could also link to that changing document in either document references or project references (in the inspector). Then you just open your file from that list, and it’s always the latest one.

Neither one shows the diagrams in the text flow, or puts them in the right place for Compile Draft.