Insert license key manually

Hi there,

I´ve uninstalled scrivener from my computer and installed it again. But now it doesn´t ask me to insert the license key. I don´t want to sit in a train somewhere in 30 days, not having the license key and therefore not being able to work. :wink:

Can I insert the license key manually? I really can´t find where.


You’ve uninstalled and the re-installed Scrivener, on the same computer, correct? If so, double check to see if it’s not already Registered and/or activated from the first installation. It may still be registered, but not activated on the computer. Or, it may be both Registered and already Activated.

In the Window’s drop-down Menu, look in Help, and just above Check for Updates, if it says “Deactivate Scrivener”, then it is licensed and registered as well as Activated.