"insert line break" menu item & shortcut

Am I going nuts, or is there no keyboard shortcut for a rich text linebreak (soft carriage return) in Cocoa text views? I’ve spent so much time in plain text and Markdown that I never realised this until today, when I wanted to insert a line break in the middle of a Cocoa text list item.

TextEdit has an “insert line break” menu item, but there’s no shortcut. If Scrivener has any equivalent, I can’t find it – right now I’m using Textpander to paste in soft carriage returns whenever I type “\”. Is there any reason why TextEdit doesn’t use shift-Return – i.e. the usual way of inserting a soft return – and would it be possible to use shift-Return in Scrivener to do this?

Hmm… I’ll have a look at the TextEdit code. Not sure whether shift-return can be used, though, because the Cocoa text system already has this entering a normal return. I’ll take a look.

Gotcha. If you need to use another shortcut I’d be as happy, but no sweat in general, since I could learn to live with the Textpander solution, and I know that Scrivener is designed for writing over formatting niceties.

Okay, I’ve added this for beta 2. I couldn’t use Shift-Return, because shift on its own can’t be used as a keyboard modifier for many keys (I guess because it alreayd has a meaning for making capitals), so the Line Break keyboard shortcut will be alt-cmd-enter.

All the best,