insert link to another scapple file in our brainstorming

Using Scapple I realize that does not have a feature that would make it much more productive: insert links to other files Scapple, other mental maps. It would gain a lot in depth of ideas and in order. It’s a shame that there isn’t this option.

You can link to Scapple files, and nearly all kinds of files for that matter, in a similar fashion to how you’d link to websites: drag the file into the link field instead of a web URL. :slight_smile: Details in §4.6 of the user manual, starting at the bottom of pg. 30.

Thank you for directions. I’ll have to try to do as the manual says (I simply drag and drop the file into which scapple was working and the consequence was that only a new scapple file is opened). Proves it!

I was looking for this facility and again it seems to be a MacOS only feature. Much as I like the simplicity of Scapple there does appear to be some key features missing in the Windows version. Its disappointing but I am begtinning to think I might need to switch to another product.

It was suggested that the features of MacOS and Windows versions would be brought into line after Scrivener 3, but judging by the time it took for Scrivener 3 I suspect Scapple 2 (or whatever) will be too late for my current PhD purposes; that would be a shame. Is the convergence of MacOS and Windows Scapple underway?