"Insert Links Back to Scrivener" Not Tied to Format?

When I choose to use “My DOCX Proof Format” for compiling a DOCX to send to my editor, I want to “Insert Links Back to Scrivener.” For all other formats, I don’t want this.

It looks like I can’t have that selected only for that format, is that. correct? That is, I’ll have to manually select that whenever creating a DOCX proof.

Correct, most of the settings along the right-hand side of the compile overview screen are project-specific rather than Format or file type specific. The main exception are the Front/Back matter features, and select pieces of metadata (ISBN code for Mobi/ePub).

It is otherwise presumed, to explain the logic, that if one is in the proofing phase of their project and using settings aimed toward that, they it really doesn’t matter if they wish to proof using PDF, RTF, ePub or LaTeX.