insert non-breaking space that carries through in LaTex

I am publishing a French translation, in which the punctuation symbols ? ! ; : need to be separated from the preceding sentence by a space. In a number of places in my PDFLaTex output this results in an orphaned ‘?’ (i.e. on a single line, by itself).

Is there any way or inserting a non-breaking space in MultiMarkdown, which will be correctly understood and carried through into my PDFLaTex output?

I want to avoid the insertion of a LaTex command inside marker <-- ~ --> .

(I’ve tried the normal Mac shortcut of Alt+SPACE, but it doesn’t produce desire result in PDFLaTex)

In case it makes any difference, I’m actually using XeTex, as per instructions here: [url]]

Thank you.

You could go with the ~ latex non-break space character, just using the symbol in the text, then using a replacement to convert ~ to at compile. That wouldn’t disrupt your text very much.

Alternatively, you could go the whole way and load French language support using the babel package:


I have not used this myself, but there is some guidance here: … ion#French

Both helpful suggestions; thanks MrGruff.