Insert page numbers

Why doesn’t it “insert page numbers” when i ask it to in my screenplay?



I’m not sure what feature you are referring to. There is no menu command that would match the quoted phrase, “insert page numbers”. The place where page numbers are set up is in the Compile option pane, Page Settings. One would type in the page counter code, <$p> into one of the six fields where they wish the page number to appear along the edge of the page. But there is no “insert page numbers” terminology in this section either. I’m sure it’s somewhere, I’m just not thinking of it. :slight_smile:

Do note however that if you started with the screenplay template you don’t need to do anything. It will already be set up to place the page number in the top-right corner with a period following it, as per standards. The “Script or Screenplay” format-as preset also will do this for you.